Arcvideo Partners with Intel to Create Immersive In-Vehicle Audio-Visual Experience

At Intel's booth, the Smart Cockpit Platform Solution made an impressive debut. This solution, equipped with the latest generation of Intel Core processors, offers users industry-leading CPU and GPU capabilities. It provides immersive audio-visual entertainment and enhances driving safety, while also opening up new avenues for innovation.

On this cockpit platform, the 'All-in-one Immersive Audio-Visual Entertainment Middleware' from Arcvideo Technology delivered an exceptional audio-visual experience, captivating the audience on site. Passengers in both front and rear seats can enjoy synchronized, high-quality visuals across multiple screens, facilitating an effortless and interconnected experience.


Representatives from Arcvideo Technology explained that in addition to frame-synchronized visuals, their 5D immersive Smart Cockpit solution also incorporates three-dimensional sound, replicating an audio environment as realistic as the real world. Coupled with ambient lighting that synchronizes with the visuals and sound, the vehicle's smart cockpit is transformed into a 'mobile cinema,' creating a comprehensive spatial 'atmosphere.'


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Created on:2023-11-28

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