Providing you with an Immersive Intelligent Cockpit

The Services We Provide


Multi-screen Interaction

Share Every Wonderful Moment

Holography Assistant

Creating a Metaverse Travel Space

Immersive Experience

Unlock Immersive Audio-Visual Experiences

Immersive 5D Experience


Enjoy the unique audio-visual experience with in-vehicle devices, enhance OTT viewing with screens, sound, seats, ambient lighting, air conditioner, perfume customization.


UHD Encoding Engine


· Production: Mezzanine format XAVC,

  DNxHR, ProRes...

· Playout: AVS, AVC, HEVC, VVC...

· SDI to IP evolution: NDI, JPEG-XS

AI Video Analysis


· Recognition of faces, objects, gestures,

  etc. Illegal content identification, voice

  and text identification

· Audio and video fingerprints

Software Defined Solution


· Video processing is easily customized

  and plug and play

· Enable broadcast-quality video

  workflows to be flexibly provisioned,

  deployed, managed and monitored

Why Chose Us

AI Video Enhancement


· AI based super resolution, frame

  interpolation, HDR transformation

· AI image quality enhancement

· AI old film repairing and coloring

Immersive Experience


· HDR : HLG, PQ, SL-HDR, Dolby

  Vision, HDR Vivid

· 3D Sound: Dolby Atmos, DTS X,



IVI Multimedia Middleware


· Enjoy customized 5D immersive

  experience in cabin and add value to

  premium content

· Customize media and gaming APP for

  car Face/Car plate detection for privacy


· Multi-screen interaction