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Ultra-low Latency 、Stable and Smooth 、Narrowband HD

As a deep partner of Microsoft, Arcvideo is a leading provider of intelligent video solutions and video cloud services, catering to an extensive clientele that includes the CMG, over half of the provincial TV stations, more than 90% of IPTV providers, as well as key players in both long and short video markets.

Drawing on more than two decades of cloud computing service expertise and intelligent video processing algorithms, Arcvideo's cloud service system boasts proprietary video processing capabilities. Whether it's for large-scale live viewing, ultra-low latency streaming, or convenient cloud-based live production, Arcvideo offers comprehensive audio and video processing services tailored to your needs.

With features like low bitrate, high image quality, secure and stable operations, and ease of management, our solutions have earned the trust of a diverse range of industries, including online education, online gaming, entertainment, media operators, and the mobile internet, ensuring a superior online viewing experience for end-users.

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  • Cloud VOD 

    Our service meets the playback needs across all devices, providing customers with fast and reliable video upload, storage, transcoding, distribution, playback, and copyright protection cloud services, along with a one-stop solution for video media hosting.

  • Cloud Live Streaming

    Our platform is equipped with cloud services for audio and video transcoding, segmenting, time-shifting, replay, distribution, and playback, making it easy for customers to create their own corporate live streaming platform.

The Services We Offer?

Arcvideo Cloud offers a one-stop online video cloud service. Additionally, we provide online self-service CDN acceleration configuration, supporting acceleration distribution services for dynamic files, static pages, file downloads, and more, tailored to streamline and enhance your digital content delivery.

  • Cloud Program Director

    Our cloud service offers features like graphic overlays, background music, sound effects, and transition effects processing, enabling a simple, convenient, and flexible video production experience in the cloud.

  • Graphic and Text Packaging

    By utilizing a variety of customizable templates, we cater to the diverse needs of live broadcasting scenarios, enhancing the appeal of live content and innovating the audience experience.

  • Cloud Converge

    The cloud converge technology optimizes and accelerates video streams, large files, applications, and web content, guaranteeing users a wonderful experience.

  • Cloud Editing

    Focusing on the rapid production and editing of online audio and video content, our service not only facilitates real-time recording and segmenting of live streams but also efficiently processes multimedia materials such as videos, images, and audio, generating the professional level video production.

  • Playback Engine

    Seamlessly integrating with clients' media content, we also offer customized access authentication, registration, verification, and DRM components to meet the diverse playback requirements of PCs, set-top boxes, all-in-one devices, and mobile terminals.

Our Advantages?


1. Is the API consistent with AMS, or is there a need to modify the code?

Regarding the consistency between the API and AMS, there are indeed some differences. Our technical team will offer professional assistance to ensure you can quickly and seamlessly integrate the systems.

2. Is re-encoding necessary?

3. Is it necessary to change the stream URLs and CDN configurations after migration?

4. Can encoding parameters be customized?

5. Are migration tools provided?

For content in HLS, MP4, TS, FLV formats, and using H.264 and AAC encoding standards, re-encoding is not required.

After the data migration, it can be stored maintaining the original directory structure, with identical paths, requiring only a change to the access domain name. The CDN's origin server address should be updated to reflect the post-migration source address.

Our broadcast-quality video encoders support highly efficient compression, reducing bitrates while maintaining high image quality. Additionally, they allow users to customize encoding parameters based on their needs, such as resolution, file format, bitrate mode, video bitrate, audio bitrate, GOP size, number of B-frames, and number of reference frames, to meet your specific requirements.

To ensure a smooth migration process, our team of video cloud service experts has prepared a set of migration tools. We are ready to guide you through the entire process of migrating from Azure Media Services to Arcvideo Cloud.

Migration Guideline

5 steps, easy to migrate

  • Step1

    1. Register an Account

  • Step2

    2. Enter Your Media Service Access Key\code

  • Step3

    3. Retrieve the List of Stored Files to Begin Migration

  • Step4

    4. Replace Video URLs on the Migration Completion Page

  • Step5

    5. Launch for Commercial Use

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